Barre Life rates





2 weeks + 1 week ‘All you can Barre’


LIVE STREAM Classes incl. Expires 21 days from first use

10 Barre Classes


LIVE STREAM Classes incl. Expires 3 mths from first use.

Single class


Pilates Reformer

1-week ‘Intro to Reformer’


Please book your first INTRO session online as we need to evaluate your level. Offer is for 3 classes maximum and expires 7 days from first use. Online reservations unavailable.

Single Reformer class


Please book In-Studio, online reservations unavailable.

10 Pilates Reformer Classes


Expires 3 mths from first use. All classes must be booked In-Studio, online reservations unavailable.

Live Stream

Live Stream Single Class


Live Stream 5 Classes


Expires 3 mths from first use

Live Stream 1 Month Unlimited


Expires 1 month from first use

Barre Life Membership

You already belong, now join!

Barre Life Memberships provide you with the most affordable way to practice and receive great benefits. Becoming a member at Barre Life can truly help you grow and keep your practice strong by visiting us more regularly. Commit to a healthier lifestyle today, save money, and take advantage of the many benefits of being a member with the added bonus of NO CONTRACTS! Just flexible options to meet your needs.

Auto Renew Memberships Visits Per Week
2 3 4 5
Barre Auto Renew $168 $21 $14 $10 $8
Pilates Reformer Auto Renew $218 $27 $18 $14 $11
Barre + Pilates Reformer Auto Renew $330 $41 $27 $21 $17

Some of the benefits of a membership include:

  • No commitment or contract necessary
  • 15% OFF on a 10 Pilates Reformer Class Pass or a 10 Barre Class Pass*
  • Unlimited LIVE STREAM Classes
  • Complimentary BFF passes to share with family and friends*
  • 1 Complimentary 30 minute Pilates Reformer Assessment
  • Worry free monthly EASY PAY & auto-renewal

*All prices subject to HST. Some perks are available depending on Auto Renew package purchased. Available for purchase in studio only

Semi-Privates, Private Sessions & Personal Assessments

Intro to Private Pilates Reformer


Please contact the studio to book your first private session. Expires 1 month from first use. Online reservations unavailable.

Please call or email us for all our other semi-private and private rates.

*All Rates are subject to HST.
*All Rates subject to change without notice.
*15% discount for Students, Teachers, and Seniors 65+ with ID (purchase in studio only) on regular
pilates reformer packages/private sessions.
*20% discount for Students, Teachers, First Responders and Seniors 65+ with ID (purchase in studio only) on regular priced barre & yoga packages.
*Visit our ONLINE STORE for our ALL Seasonal Promotions!


Initial Assessment with the Physiotherapist at the studio.


Once assessed by the physiotherapist, you’ll be able to see through your treatments 1:1 with one of our PTA’s. Receipts will be issued and can be submitted to your insurance provider!
Already doing private sessions, or want to get started? 30/30’s (eg. 30 Mins Pilates / 30 Mins Physio) lets you maximize the value for an hour session, while minimizing the cost!

Please call or email us