About Us Barre Life first all-exclusive Barre studio located in the heart of Oakville.



The Barre Life workout was created by our Founder Adenike ‘Niki’ Corion-Landon and her┬áteam of certified fitness, yoga, pilates and RAD certified ballet instructors. Together we are committed to helping you achieve your personal evolution as you reshape your entire body, become leaner, longer and stronger and improve your overall well-being through our fun, dynamic classes. Our workouts use the fastest and most effective methods of achieving unparalleled results.


Barre is the hot new workout that has taking the North American fitness industry by storm!
It is a dancer’s workout…but without the dance (no dance experience required). Our ballet based barre workout is a fusion
exercise that combines Ballet, Pilates, yoga and core strength movements while using the ballet barre, resistance bands,
and weighted balls. You will be engaged in an energizing combination of exercises unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
Each class will inspire and empower you to achieve the results you desire and to reach your full potential.


Our Boutique Fitness studio is the first West End Barre studio located in the heart of Oakville. Our 2500 sqft. modern
facility offers a lounge to relax in before or after class-with complimentary towel & mat service and a full change room
with showers and lockers! Come in for a workout and take the first step toward your goals with our amazing Barre, Pilates Reformer, Essentrics & Yoga classes! NEW and now available..Physiotherapy Services covered under your insurance benefits!

Featured on CHCH news in August 2014. Click here to view