FAQ & Policies


How often should I come to Barre Life to see results?

Most clients see a significant change in their bodies after 6 weeks by attending 3-5 classes per week. Everyone’s bodies and fitness objectives are different. Please feel free to reach out to your instructor or any of our team about your goals and the best way to achieve them.

I have no experience with ballet or dance, can I still come to Barre Life?

Absolutely! Barre Life’s classes are not only tailored for dancers. The barre exercises are used to help every member develop strong, lean and long muscles. Some dance terminology may be used to set up exercises or cue movements, but these terms will be explained by your instructor. Always feel free to ask the instructor for additional clarification.

Who can participate?

Our workouts will benefit clients of any age, fitness level, shape, size and comfort level. Our goal is to help you discover your potential.

  • Physical and/or Medical Concerns: any current or former injuries should be brought to your instructor’s attention. If any movement creates pain (other than the good kind of pain), you should stop doing that motion and consult with your doctor.

What to wear and bring?

Please wear comfortable breathable clothing; fitness and yoga attire is preferable so that you’re able to move comfortably. Please bring a combination lock for lockers, a refillable water bottle and although we do provide workout mats you may bring your own yoga or Pilates mat or one can be purchased at the studio. The workout can be done barefoot or in grip socks; please note that grip socks are required for all Pilates reformer classes; please feel free to bring your own or purchase a pair at the studio.

Do I need to sign up for a class ahead of time?

Yes, you do! It is recommended that you register ahead of time via our website, the Mindbody App or by phone before a class to accommodate capacity requirements and to confirm that class will be running. It is best to reserve a spot a minimum of 2 hours before the class. You are also more than welcome to call us up to 15 minutes before a class to check for availability or to confirm if your name has been added from the waitlist.