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Live Stream & Pilates Reformer Rental Program

LIVE Stream Classes

LIVE Stream Classes are the ideal way to stay healthy, keep an active immune system, and experience all the other benefits of Barre and Pilates without leaving your home or office. No need to feel isolated when you’re home or at work for the day. Come join our community for these small, online group classes to enhance and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit! All you need is an internet connection and an account in our Mindbody Online booking system.

Pilates Reformer Rental Program

Along with our In-Studio classes, we have a full LIVE Stream schedule of reformer classes that you can join from home using a reformer rented from Barre Life. By renting equipment, you also have the option to continue to join our classes in-studio and virtually from home. See below for information and additional rental perks.

How it Works

  • Rent a Pilates Reformer from Barre Life
  • In addition to renting or using your own equipment, commit to our LIVE Stream classes weekly, or virtual private sessions if the class schedule doesn’t work for you
  • In addition to your weekly LIVE Stream classes, you can also use the equipment any time you like with a recorded video workout that you can follow along with one of our qualified Instructors.
  • You will also have the option to continue renting as well as joining us for our in-studio classes.

For all additional inquiries about our Pilates Reformer Rental Program, please contact us here.