Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates

Renew your well-being with our specialized Physiotherapy Service at Barre Life Pilates Studio, your trusted partner in healthcare and vitality.

At Barre Life, we are dedicated to supporting your journey to holistic well-being through our Clinical Pilates program. This comprehensive approach integrates the expertise of our team, comprising Pilates Instructors/Physiotherapist Assistants (PTAs) and Physiotherapists, to deliver personalized one-on-one care tailored for those seeking Physiotherapy treatment. Our goal is to provide customized, in-person Pilates and movement therapy that aids in your recovery and enhances your overall well-being. With virtually accessible Registered Physiotherapists offering innovative, active-based treatment programs throughout the week, our approach is not just traditional—it’s transformative.

We invite you to embark on a journey of strength and health together with us. Imagine the joy of pursuing wellness alongside a friend or family member, embracing mutual support on this venture towards enhanced vitality.

This shared experience extends to our Physiotherapy sessions, where we encourage you to bring a loved one along to partake in the benefits of active rehabilitation and mobility work. Strengthen your bond while nurturing your well-being in a supportive and communal environment.

At Barre Life, we believe in the power of communal well-being and shared experiences. Let us guide you and your loved ones towards greater health and vitality, fostering lasting connections as you achieve new levels of wellness together.

To ensure convenience amid your busy schedule and family commitments, we offer a seamless experience by differentiating between virtual assessments/follow-ups and on-site sessions. This flexibility allows for professional care while catering to your diverse needs.

Our Physiotherapists are committed to creating customized rehab plans that align with your unique requirements. You can execute these plans in-studio with our Clinical Pilates Instructors, benefiting from engaging, interactive sessions tailored to your schedule for optimal progress and relief. Plus, maximize the utilization of your Physiotherapy Insurance Benefits to access care and realize savings simultaneously.

Embark on your transformative journey towards well-being and recovery at Barre Life Pilates Studio.

Phase 1: The Assessment

Book your initial virtual assessment with one of our Registered Physiotherapists, typically lasting 60 minutes. Wear form-fitting clothes to facilitate precise observations of the affected area. During the assessment, the Physiotherapist will conduct a patient intake, review relevant medical history, and discuss the treatment plan customized to your needs and goals.

Phase 2: The Treatment

Our PTA Clinical Pilates Instructors collaborate with our Physiotherapists to guide you through your treatment plan. Sessions, spanning 8-12 weeks, are conducted on a 1:1 basis using top-of-the-line Pilates equipment at Barre Life. Treatments are tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring your progress aligns with your short and long-term goals. For those engaged in private training, we seamlessly integrate a 30-minute physio session followed by 30 minutes of training.

Conditions We Treat:

– Back Pain
– Neck Pain
– Joint Pain
– Arthritis
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Mobility Issues
– Muscle Pain/Stiffness
– Repetitive Strain Injury
– Sports Injury

The Cost:

– The 1-hour initial assessment with the Physiotherapist is priced at $150.
– The cost of 1:1 sessions with our Clinical Pilates Instructors varies based on the recommended treatment plan by our Physiotherapist. All expenses are covered under insurance benefits.

Welcome to your transformative journey with Barre Life Pilates Studio, where personalized care meets community well-being for a healthier you.

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