Barre Life Classes
New Client Special

2 weeks ‘Unlimited Pilates Reformer + Barre’ $99

Expires 14 days after first visit. New clients only.

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Classic Reformer

This foundation class teaches the basics of Pilates Reformer, which will help you build strength and stamina throughout your entire body. You will be instructed on how to perfect your form to push yourself further and make the most of your Pilates Reformer experience.(class will be modified to an intermediate class if no NEW clients are present)

Recommended for New Clients. Open to all levels. Grip socks recommended.

Flow Reformer

This style of Pilates reformer class emphasizes a continuous flow of movements, with an emphasis on smooth transitions between exercises. Flow Pilates is designed to increase heart rate and provide a dynamic and fluid workout.

Open to all levels. Grip socks recommended.

Sculpt Reformer L1/L2 & L3

Our Pilates Reformer Sculpt classes focus on building strength and toning the body. They often incorporate resistance training with different spring tensions on the reformer to challenge and strengthen various muscle groups.

Open to Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels. Grip socks recommended.

Bounce & Burn Pilates Reformer

In this Pilates Reformer class, you will get your cardio boost for the day involving the cardio-tramp rebounder combined with 30 minutes of strength training and a recovery stretch.

Open to all levels. Grip socks recommended.

Express Classic Reformer

This 45 minute express class is fast paced foundation class teaching you the basics of Pilates Reformer which will help in building your strength, flexibility.

Open to all levels. Grip socks recommended.

Semi-Private/Private Sessions

In a more private setting, we can customize a program to meet your fitness goals. We also offer conditioning for athletes and  dancers. Please click here to book today.

Open to all levels.

Fitness Assessment

We can create a customized weekly program, based on your short and long-term goals. Our instructors will take a series of measurements to track body composition, strength, cardio, and flexibility. Contact us for further details.

Open to all levels.